Interview: Q & A mit Denise Deegan

Hallo Bücherfreunde!

Ich bin ein totaler Fan der Bücher von der irischen Autorin Denise Deegan.

Vor einer Woche habe ich ihr eine E-Mail geschickt, mit der Frage, ob ich ein kleines „Interview“ mit ihr machen könnte. Und… sie hat zugestimmt!Ich werde die Fragen und die Antworten auf Englisch posten, ich hoffe, dass ist für alle okay. Wenn nicht, schreibt’s in die Kommentare und ich füge noch eine Übersetzung hinzu.

Als allererstes mal: Thank you very much, Denise!

  • Do you like reading?
Yes, I love reading.
  • Which is your favourite book?

I have so many. Two come immediately to mind: Holes by Louis Sachar and The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

  • And do you prefer hardcovers or paperbacks?
Paperbacks and ebooks.
  • When did you decide to write books? And why?
Oh that’s a long story! I was doing a Masters in PR. As part of my research, I discovered that a book needed to exist on a particular topic. So I wrote it. I had never considered writing before then. Once the book was published, out of nowhere, a huge desire gripped me – I HAD to write a novel! I gave up the business I was running and took a risk.
  • What do you like about the three girls in The Butterfly Series?
I love the way Alex just says it as it is, straight up. I love her sarcasm. I love the way she is her own person never trying to please others. I love Sarah’s optimism, her warmth and her absolute belief in love. I love the way Rachel is a really great friend. She always puts others first. She is patient and a great listener. I like that she is down to earth and sees things as they are.
  • Is there anything you don’t like about Rachel, Sarah and Alex?

I didn’t like Sarah in the first book. I thought she was immature and selfish. But I completely fell in love with her in the second book, so much that I can’t decide who I prefer most Alex or Sarah. Rachel is too like me!

  • Do you have a favourite city?
I have a few: Dublin, New York, Rome and Berlin.
  • Do you have a favourite country / Which country would you like to visit soon?
I give out a lot about the weather in Ireland but it’s still my favorite country. Irish people are special. They are warm, funny, friendly, relaxed and down-to-earth. When I go away, I miss them. I am just back from Los Angeles and I will be going to Spain in October. That’s fine for now.
  • Which is your favourite season? Mine is Winter – Then I can go skiing 🙂
I like autumn, in particular September. The weather in Ireland is terrible. Always cold and raining – or so it seems to me. The latin name for Ireland is Hibernia – meaning permanent winter! I like autumn because you don’t expect it to be sunny but then you can be surprised. I like September also because of the colors in nature. Spectacular. Having said that, I love Christmas!
  • Do you prefer cooking or baking? What’s your fave meal and what’s your fave cake?

Neither. I dream of one day having a chef. A girl can dream, right?! Favourite meal: chicken curry. Favourite cake: Pavlova.

  • Do you have a motto?
I have two. One I have stolen from Shane (aus „Wer denkt heute schon an morgen? Anm. d. A.): Live Till You Die. The other I stole from Dory in Finding Nemo: Keep On Swimming.
  • What can make you laugh?
Anything. My thoughts. My kids. My dog. Movies especially anything with Will Ferrell in it.
  • For you, there’s no living without…?
My family. My writing. Nature. Fun. Hugs. Laughing. Dreaming. Questioning.
  • Is there anything else you would like to say to your readers from Germany?
Ich Liebe Euch Alle
(hope that’s right!)
Dankeschön nochmals an Denise Deegan – and yes: „Ich liebe euch alle“ is right! 😉
Ich hoffe, euch hat dieses Question & Answer gefallen. Wenn ihr wollt, könnt ihr auch mal auf Denise Deegans Website vorbeischauen – ihr findet sie hier.
Gefällt euch dieses Format? Lest ihr gerne Interviews?
xoxo Stopfi ❤

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